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Empowering, Encouraging, & Equipping Single Fathers


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Empowering, Encouraging, and Equipping Single Fathers
The Fatherhood Unbroken Podcast Empowers, Encourages, and Equips single fathers by improving their mental, physical, relational, spiritual, parental, financial, vocational, and recreational health, so they can actively and purposefully be the fathers their children need and deserve, and become the men they are called to be.

Being a father is a high honor, a tremendous privilege, and our sacred duty, regardless of the circumstances surrounding how you became a single father. As men and fathers, we are called to guide, prepare, protect, and provide for our children, through intentional love and leadership. This podcast serves to facilitate that calling by providing tools, resources, advice, and practical knowledge. We will have engaging discussions and interviews with inspiring individuals who present relevant and timely information that actually matters, gleaning wisdom from their expertise, and learning from their challenges and victories. We welcome you and hope this podcast serves you well. Rise up Fathers! 🔥
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David Kelber

David resides in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina. He is a husband to his beautiful wife Denise and a proud father of four phenomenal children. He is a certified Divorce Coach and having previously been a single father for almost a decade, he is passionate about helping single fathers navigate and overcome their challenges, so they can be at their best for themselves and their children. He enjoys family time, hiking, camping, cycling, writing, and laughing, a lot!